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This 3 artist show features works by myself, Linda Larson and Felicia Ann and opens at Luna Rienne Gallery on November 5th.

This series of pieces explores several things about the natural world: what is, what was and what might be. Alongside my feminine figures, I was interested in species that were caught on the cusp of something. Species that have just recently been found, or that only exist in one tiny location on the planet, species that were lost but then came back, or that have recently shown up - perhaps due to a changing climate - in places they are not meant to be, sometimes creating devastating destruction in fragile ecosystems. I'm interested in both this closeness to extinction and also beyond: What might our flora and fauna look like in the future, or on another planet? Alongside some very real species, Evolutionary Bloom includes an imaginary futuristic look at where our flora and fauna might be in another dimension.


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