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I have spent the last the last several months working on this body of work. I started creating the first paintings last summer, as the world around me seemed heavier than it ever had: the COVID19 pandemic, racial injustice leading to social unrest, a US president who divided our nation, and wild fires that threatened the region I live in - all upset the balance of life as I knew it. I had to find a way through the intensity of it all. So with this series I wanted to look forward to a brighter future and found myself pulling away from negative thoughts to instead look toward a world of hope and love, and a vision of coming out of the pandemic - and these tumultuous times - to a new, brighter and better world. Songs and song lyrics rolled through my head, and I took inspiration from these songs of togetherness, peace, hope and love - and words that imagined a more just and harmonious world. And as the news became more gloomy, it became clearer that in order to move beyond our current state, All We Need Is Love.

Brighter Days opens May 22nd at Luna Rienne Gallery in San Francisco. From 5-8pm. The show is by appointment or first-come-first served.

Luna Rienne Gallery is located at 3318 22nd st, San Francisco. The show runs through June 24th.


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