This painting just went to its new home in Pacifica. It’s a tribute to a daughters mother, and holds in it symbols and elements of her life and work. I sank a lot of energy into this one - one of the few projects that didn’t get cancelled and kept me going during the quarantine days of March-May. As most of my work fell away, I was really glad to have this to put the time into, it felt like an important painting to be working on and channeling some of this woman’s energy, and her life, into the canvas. Creating a painting for a lost loved one is such a beautiful way of remembering them, it was an honor to be chosen to be the artist to create it. "Donna” 60x32” acrylic on canvas, 2020. Privat


Its been an intense and heavy time in America and the rest of the world following the needless death of George Floyd (and countless others) at the hands of the American police. The aftermath has been an inspiring time as a new moment of protest has dominated the headlines and taken the world by storm. I stand firmly in my beliefs of social justice and equality and have made a few protest posters. Click here for a pdf version that you can download and print and take to a protest near you.

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