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In that intense summer of 2020, artists took to the boarded up streets of cities across the world. Urban spaces became temporary outdoor street art galleries - the murals brought much needed color to that moment.

There were many organizations that started to help build those bridges - between artists and retail spaces to facilitate making the murals happen, and helping artists through a time that was financially insecure for many of us.

I painted this mural on the corner of Duboce & Valencia in San Francisco as part of a project called Project Artivism

It was Paint the Void that was pivotal in the creation of many more murals across SF. If you saw a mural on a boarded up window during that time chances are Paint the Void was behind it.

I made this piece in June of 2020 & it only stayed up about a month, but luckily the panels were saved and after a bit of restoration - they are now a part of this unique exhibit that will be on view for just 2 weekends.

The murals have been installed in the amazing huge historic renovated waterfront warehouse space that is Pier 70

“The City Canvas: A Paint the Void Retrospective"

Is open to the public for just two weekends!

-January 22 & 23: Saturday & Sunday: Noon – 6 pm

-January 27 – 30: Thursday & Friday: 4 – 9 pm Saturday & Sunday: Noon – 6 pm

It’s free admission - with a suggested donation, but you must reserve your space.

Head over to above links to get your ticket.

Don’t miss seeing these all together in one space!

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