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I've been working long hours in the studio getting 20 new works finished for my solo show. It will be my 6th solo show at Luna Rienne Gallery, and I am looking forward to sharing this series with you all.

Hope you can make it to the opening

Shifting Seasons

Saturday, September 30, 2023 6-9pm

Luna Rienne Gallery

3318 22nd st at Valencia, San Francisco, Ca

The show runs through October 29th

Artist Statement:

As we start to see the very real-time effects of extreme weather - even here in California - and continuing the exploration of previous bodies of work, this series delves even further into what our planet and more specifically, the City of San Francisco might look like in a changing climate. This time marrying her love of nature with the magical reality of what is, what was, and what could be in San Francisco and its surrounds, Young takes us through the seasons of her imaginary visions.

Through each of the four seasons, we see San Francisco in winter under snow, then bursting into a vibrant green vision of a tropical Spring after epic rainfall, a blazing hot dry summer puts our city in desert conditions & a sunflower superbloom and Autumn brings the bright fall colors & a universe of fungi we usually see in New England. This collection is both a fantastical daydream and a stark warning sign about the real-time effects of a shifting climate - and it begs the question: in this temperate city, what might the future of our seasons and climate hold and what will it look like for our natural world?

Here is sneak peak at some of the work in progress...


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